Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

An Evangelistic Event

Recently I wrote to you all asking for prayer concerning an evangelistic event that we were going to hold in a community named Colonia Mexico. The event was a great success because we were able to preach the gospel to a new crowd and begin a relationship with a family in town who are very interested in the gospel. Salvador, Mona and family came each night of the event and have been regularly attending our meetings since August. Their daughter Norma who lives with them seems to have no faith and suffers from depression. Please pray that God will draw her to salvation.

Pray For These Friends

Please pray for Catarino and Anacely. We have known them for a few years. I built a relationship long distance with Catarino during his 2 years in prison in the US. He was released on the 5th of September and shows a great interest in the things of the Lord. He is professing faith in Jesus Christ and bringing his family to the church meetings. He recently requested more material to read (an added benefit of prison in the US was that he learned to read). Anacely, Catarino’s “wife” really needs the Lord.

The combined impact of 2 years of prison and a sinful lifestyle have devastated their family. But we know that “if any man 
be in Christ he is a new creation.” Their only hope is Christ. Please pray that they will both be trusting the gospel and that the Lord will restore their family relationships.

A Good Trip

In the month of September we were able to travel to the States and visit in all three of the churches who are supporting our work down here. It was a privilege to participate in Heritage Baptist Church’s family camp and reconnect with so many friends in our sending church. The following week I was blessed to attend the Tuesday morning men’s bible study at Hi-Plains Baptist in Limon, CO. Those Tuesday morning meetings are always filled with spiritually stimulating fellowship. We then spent a weekend at New Hope Bible Church in Wichita. The brothers and sisters at New Hope received us so graciously and we departed from there encouraged to get back to the work that the Lord has called us to.


While in Wichita we stayed in the home of our friends the Cook family. They dedicated a great deal of time and effort to make our stay pleasant and to facilitate an intense schedule of fellowship opportunities. It really was a delight. Their daughter April accompanied us back home and will be here until late November.



Preach the Word

At the bottom of this email you will find a video of a sermon on the topic of missions methodology. I found the video very encouraging and hope that you will as well. 

Thank you all for your prayers and thank you to those who help our ministry here in Mexico with financial contributions. We are very grateful.

In Christ our Lord,
Nathan Marr