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Ladies Small Groups-
Heritage Baptist Church

This is Eileen, I’m here to announce
the Ladies Small Groups information based
out of Heritage Baptist Church in Buckeye,

Here are our plans, we’ll see how God brings
this all together:

Who is invited to join?

Ladies of all ages, including girls aged 12 and

What do you mean by “ladies’ small

We intend for these to be small discipleship
groups, ideally each group will have members
from all different age groups.
We expect that each family with daughters

living at home will decide if they wish for their
daughters to be in the same or different
groups from their mom. Moms with younger
daughters may wish to be in a group together.
And moms with unmarried daughters in their
later teens or 20s may feel more comfortable
being in separate groups. Or if you have
many daughters of different ages, you might
be in a group with some of your younger
girls, but let your older ones attend different

We see this 100% as a decision to be made in
each family, and we will do our best to
support whatever you decide as a family. 
What will we study and discuss?
We plan to begin with a book study,  The
Christian’s True Identity: What It Means
to Be in Christ What It Means to Be in
Christ , by Jonathan Landry Cruse.

After we finish this book, we hope to do a
book study,  Becoming a Titus 2 Woman , and
then  The Excellent Wife , both by Martha
Peace. We think it would be great for the
younger participants to study what the Bible

says about these topics even if they are not
yet in those stages of life. (For married ladies
who might need to get counsel from an older
woman, they can speak privately either after
or apart from their small group.)

When will we meet?

Lord willing, these groups will meet every
other week, once we get everyone’s
information sorted through, and the groups

Where will we meet?

One or more groups will meet with ladies who
attend PE on Friday mornings, while many of
the children are occupied. For ladies who
cannot meet during PE but would like to
participate in a small group, each week that
PE is NOT meeting we hope to have one or
more small groups that will meet in a home
or homes at a time or times that will
accommodate other schedules.
Ideally, there will be a group for each and
every lady who would like to
participate. Please pray that God will make
this happen! :

Why are we doing this?

To intentionally forge relationships between
ladies in different stages of life. It’s great to
have friends our own age, but God instructs
older ladies to teach younger ladies, so we
want to set all of us ladies up to make it
easier for this to happen. We want to
encourage deeper relationships between
ladies in each generation.

To help equip all of the ladies to glorify God in
whatever stage of life they may be in, with
the vision and goal of someday becoming
older Titus 2 women who are prepared to
obey God’s command for older women to
teach younger ones. God has given us a high
calling as women—let’s sharpen and
encourage one another in this! (Titus 2:3-5)

To help foster a biblical vision in younger girls
and women for each of their individual
futures, to help them see that God’s thoughts
about women and our roles in life truly are

higher than man’s (and our culture’s)
thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-9)

To create an opportunity to develop closer
relationships between us women in general.
To “love one another fervently with a pure
heart,” (1 Peter 1:22)

To create more discipleship relationships.

When Kevin Swanson was here last Winter, he
told me that in the churches he speaks in, like
his church and Heritage, the rate of
apostasy is the same for young adults
who grew up in our churches versus
more mainstream churches.
He also said the divorce rate in churches
like ours is the same as well. Very sad.
But then he told me that the young adults
he has seen who are walking with the
Lord and are staying faithful to their
marriage vows are ones who have been
in a small discipleship group or one-on-

one discipleship relationship with an
older believer other than their own
I told him I had been thinking of offering to
have a Bible study with a small group of some
of the younger adult women. He looked me in
the eyes and with a firm tone of voice said
“Do it!”

But my heart for the ladies here extends
beyond just one small group of you. I am just
one person, any single person can only do so

Laurel and I were talking about this a few
months ago, and together we came up with
the idea to organize these small groups.

I have talked with several of you about this
and it has been heartening to hear that a
couple of you said you like the idea, and
many said you love it!
So let’s pray and act to make this happen

How to sign up: 

Please click the link here to fill out a
form to help us put the groups together.

>>>Please sign up ASAP, ideally by
November 10th, so we can get going
with this!<<<

Note: What we have outlined, above, is
an ideal we hope to achieve. There are
still many unknown factors that will have
to fall into place to make this all work.

  • Please pray that God will bring just the
    right groups together at just the right
    times and locations.
  • Please be open-minded about being in a
    group with ladies you may not yet know
    very well.
  • Please pray each and every one of us
    participating will be flexible and adaptable
    as God helps us to organize the groups.
    Again, if you are interested, please sign
    up now, or by November 10th, by filling
    out this form!

Eileen Hubler

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